made how all clothes should be made. well-designed.. and with the planet, people and future in mind.
My name is Chanice Vreza, owner and designer of ALMA MAUVE. After becoming aware of how terrible and destructive the fast fashion industry is, I decided to stop supporting it and create something truly beautiful instead: this sustainable clothing brand. Withoutprofessional background in fashion, I managed to establish this brand with great knowledge and help from my mother, my team and many hours of hard work. One of my goals in life has always been to pursue a career wherein I would have the opportunity to connect with people, find solutions to social issues and at the same time work in the artistic field (music and fashion). I believe to have found a wonderful way to combine that.
ALMA MAUVE follows a quality over quantity policy. We do not overproduce but create small collections with a low volume in stock. Our production model enables us to invest in time, extra care and craftsmanship which lead to quality clothing. All garments are made from fabrics and materials that are not harmful to mama Earth nor the people that have to work with them or wear them. We are a direct-to-consumer brand, as this allows us to keep the end price of the garment as low and accessible as possible. Selling your garments in different stores means you also need to share a part of the profit with retailers. A higher profit margin needs to be implemented in the price if a brand wants to survive. Hence, the consumer will eventually pay more for a garment sold in different stores. We do not sign up for that!
ALMA MAUVE believes in giving back to the community and supporting organizations that try to battle social and/or environmental issues. Apart from providing you beautiful, clean and ethical clothing, we also strive to collaborate with NGOs to which we will donate a percentage of our profits.
More about the latter soon!